Game Designer

Welcome! My name's Jesse Toyota. I'm a hands-on designer and developer of video games. Growing up with a passion for creative innovation, I've always had a fascination in creating engaging, well-crafted experiences in which the audience can immerse themselves. Check out some of my works to see what I mean!

Control Room

When an underground lab suddenly goes into lock down, the remaining survivors are forced to fight until rescue arrives. Monitor the infection from the Control Room and communicate with security to get out alive.

Digital Boning

Team up with a friend to fend off monsters and customize your nomadic fighter in this cooperative 2D hack-and-slash.


Arena Stars: Rival Heroes

Build your team from a roster of unique heroes and troops to defeat your enemies. A real-time PvP mobile game.


Hustle Hobo

Use your knowledge of alchemy and potion making to serve wizards in this hilariously addictive first-person, physics-based management game.

The Burger Game

Learn the ways of grill mastery while dealing with bizarre customers. A fast-paced management game developed for Android devices.