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Team Size

10 - 20


Tool Developer





Arena Stars is a real-time PvP mobile game. Players choose from a roster of unique heroes and a set of troops to eliminate their enemy.

I worked on this project during my internship at Tiny Titan Studios. I was taken on as a designer and assisted with documentation and market analysis. I then went on to implementing character abilities and behaviours, as well as developed tools such as an Excel-to-Unity automated stat importer, chest generations, and debug tools. Near the end of my internship I helped out with more team-oriented jobs by assisting the audio and art department for their designs and implementation.

Available for Android and iOS.

  • Character balancing and implementation

  • Documentation

  • Market analysis

  • Developing designer tools

  • Assisted in audio design and implementation

  • Assisted in UI design and implementation

Tasks and Contributions

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