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In Hustle Hobo, the player takes the role of a humble wizard that uses his magical expertise to sell potions and grimoires to those in need.

The game was developed in a team of 5, involving 4 artists and myself as the programmer; with all of us contributing towards the overall game design. The project went through several design iterations based on tester feedback, especially working towards general clarity and progression.

  • Mechanic and progression design

  • Programming overall systems and gameplay

  • Problem solving

Tasks and Contributions

Hustle Hobo - Dev Blog #001 : 3D Level Editor

               In our game, the player takes the role of a magical store keeper. Their goal is to use their managerial skills and tools provided to keep their store running. Off the bat, there are dozens o...

Hustle Hobo - Dev Blog #002 : Guiding The Player

               In our game, Hustle Hobo, we faced a problem that we hadn’t foreseen earlier in development. While we had some fun mechanics implemented, we found that some of the most fun mechanics were...

Hustle Hobo - Dev Blog #003 : Indicators / Logic-based state check

              While playing Hustle Hobo, we faced issues with clarity and instructions. The game itself is based on a balance of dynamic interaction and precise interactions, meaning t...

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