Team Size






3 months



The Burger Game is a mobile game developed for Android devices in which the player must learn the ways of grill mastery. 

The project was developed independently over the summer of 2016 as a means to gain experience in game design, development and publishing. The game can be found on the Google Play Store.

  • Online leaderboards

  • Saving information to device

  • Balancing difficulty

  • Composing original soundtrack and audio design

  • Overall design and development

Tasks and Contributions

The Burger Game - Dev Blog #001 : The Spatula

               When designing the player interactions for The Burger Game, I knew from the beginning that I wanted the movement and interactions to feel exceptionally smooth and satisfying. The spatula, be...

The Burger Game - Dev Blog #002 : The Patties

               In The Burger Game, there is a lot more management than meets the eye. Having been employed as grill chef myself, I took a great deal of inspiration and reference from my experiences and con...

The Burger Game - Dev Blog #003 : The Environment

             While developing The Burger Game, there was an intended atmosphere that had yet to be unveiled. Though the gameplay mechanics and systems were in place, there was a somewhat lonely emptine...

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