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6 months



In Control Room, the player acts as a security technician, monitoring an underground lab and communicating with security. When a lock down is initiated, the player must survive until rescue arrives.

The originally pitch was created for a school assignment but was then picked up as a side project. The game was designed and developed in 3 months. Upon publication, the game reached 1,000 downloads in its first week and received positive feedback. Online multiplayer was then developed and released 3 months later. While the game was originally a solo project, Alex Lapeña was contacted to assist with the main menu music.

Download for free at:

Original Pitch:

  • Overall design and development

  • Modular ZBrush character base models, optimized in Maya

  • Custom pathfinding system optimized for large-scale

  • Team-based AI and unit grouping

  • Online multiplayer design and development using Photon

  • Production and public relations

Tasks and Contributions

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